During the construction of Solomons temple, a small boy who worked for King Solomon had been terrorized by a demon named Ornias. Compelled to help his worker, Solomon saught help from the archangel Michael who gifted Solomon with a ring decipting the seal of god - a pentagram.

You shall imprison all the demonsmale and female,
and with their help you shall build Jerusalem when
you bear this seal of God.” - Archangel Michael

Solomon had his worker confront Ornias, which resulted in the ring being thrown at the demon, stamping the being with the seal of god, thus bringing the demon under Solomons control. Solomon then commanded Ornias to take the ring and proceed with taking control of the rest of the demons.


Word has spread that a simple worker was able to control a demon by the means of binding the demon to a sigil. By observing the impressive powers of the demon, the rest of the workers felt compelled to find the remainder of the demons and take control over them. It was widely understood that the worker that controlled the most powerful demons would be able to control the temple, and perhaps even become the new King, and control the world.

Will your workers be able to make contact with the demons and gain their powers?

What do you do?

in Goetia: Nine kings of Solomon players are competing over resources that are needed to communicate with goetic demons. Each demon have specific characteristics and powers that will give the players an advantage over one another.

Worshipping these demons the players are awarded with their gifts and powers. As the game progresses, players will become more powerful and eventually be able to form pacts with some of the most powerful demons.

When the temple is finally finished the player with the most Worship Points will have control over the demons, and also the world.

Game Play

Goetia: Nine kings of Solomon is played over a fixed amount of rounds. Each round consists of players taking turns; placing one of their workers on different spaces that rewards the players with resources.

These resources can be used to send workers to scry in order to contact demons. Having workers scrying will award the player Worship Points (WP). When all WPs of the scry card has been depleted - a demon will appear. Players can, assuming they have enough resources, send their workers to worship the demon.

Workers worshipping demons will reward the player with powers (cards) from the demon. These cards can be played in front of the player so that the rules of the game have been altered for that player.

When players have their workers scrying or worshipping demons, they will reward players with WP and cards until other players also send their workers to the same Scry or Demon.

Players may also recruit more workers by sending workers to the outskirts. The cost of these workers are determined by the state of the main area. The more workers that are in the central area, the less resouces are needed to recruit a worker. However, only one worker from each outskirt can be recruited per round - will you wait for your competitors to bring down the cost of recruiting - or do you want to be certain to recruit a worker and pay a higher price?


  • Worker Placement
  • Resource Management
  • Card Drafting


120 minutes
1-4 players